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We're About the Curve

We’ve been championing curved ergonomic desks for over 30 years. We began by developing home studio recording furniture for both professional and amateur musicians, helping them create spaces that were inspiring, comfortable and healthier.

While we believed having curves was the natural way to work, the proof was in the passion we saw in our clients who fell in love with our workspaces. Over time, we expanded into other areas, offering workspaces for music education classrooms and niche areas in audio/video editing and production.

Remember 2004? Nearly a lifetime ago, but it marked our entry into the radio broadcast furniture market, showing the industry what a curve could do.

We experienced a meteoric rise to the top as “The Engineer’s Choice.” Our signature design concept, celebrating natural curves in our broadcast furniture designs, distinguished us as a welcome alternative to rectangles and harsh cornered furniture.

WLS 890 AM, Chicago, IL

Seacrest Studios, Aurora Children’s Hospital

Curves are sexy. Embrace the curve!

In 2016, we introduced our unique line of curved standing desk office furniture, designed to wrap around you and the way you work – creating more usable workspace with everything you need within easy reach.

WeDesk Private Office by Omnirax Furniture Company

MeDesk 1.0 by Omnirax Furniture Company

Designing amazing curved ergonomic desks that revolve around users and allow for measured, intentional movement has created an opportunity for desk dwellers to reconnect with their own natural shape and energy.

The organic shapes of our worksurfaces are not just about putting needs within reach, but rather creating a personal space that feels like a natural extension of self. Healthy movement is encouraged, while energy is conserved.

Our fans love our curves, and our MeDesk 2.0 curved standing desk is a welcome addition to the home or modern office space which has become the new normal as people find themselves, thankfully, reconnecting with nature.

Image by MeDesk 2.0 Omnirax Furniture Company.