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Organizing Your Curved Standing Desk Into a Balanced, Inspiring Work Environment

Organizing Your Curved Standing Desk Into a Balanced, Inspiring Work Environment

Whether intentionally or by circumstance, your desk will eventually be organized into discreet zones, each with its own purpose. Much like your other living environments, your desk has natural traffic flow which affects how you feel intellectually, emotionally and physically. Managing that traffic flow helps you create a better balance that lets you end your time at your desk feeling better.

An ergonomic desk can be divided into three zones, each serving an equally important need: Focus, Function and Display. It’s simple to take a more intentional approach to your workspace by adopting some simple habits that make sense with how your body moves and works, naturally. This approach works with conventional desks, but it’s really necessary for standing desks as the viewpoint and reach change when you convert from sitting to standing. Using just 3 zones makes it simpler and easier for you to get started feeling better.


The Focus Zone

You need a place to spread, sprawl and review things directly in front of you. Your focus zone can be found by stretching your arms out to the sides and bringing them directly in front of you to touch. This arc is the space where you have the greatest access and attention. If you have a curved desk, you can see how this space is naturally larger than a straight desk. You can have your important work directly in front of you, supporting materials to the side and even your coffee to one side or the other – easy to reach, harder to spill!

You will spend most of your time in your Focus Zone, so having more available space lets you feel better, move more naturally and increase your visibility to important stuff. Your Focus Zone will change all the time, so keeping it neat and tidy becomes very important. Have a closing ritual that puts the Focus Zone away and let yourself end your session.


The Function Zone

At the edge of your reach, but critically important, the function zone is usually inhabited by speakers, monitors and other technology that doesn’t require much contact. It forms the natural landscape of your standing desk. Everything in the Function Zone should be pointed directly at you. So, turning monitors at an angle, pointing speakers, even setting desk lamps to work perfectly in your Focus Zone is wildly important. While this is possible on a rectangular desk, a curved standing desk makes it magical. All your tech demanding your attention is arced around you creating a cockpit style experience that creates more room and reduces unnatural movement.

Pay extra attention to the lines the landscape makes when you are sitting as well as when you stand. A natural flow to the taller lines will feel more comfortable. Consider a little asymmetry. Nature loves curves, but few mountain ranges are perfectly symmetrical.


The Display Zone

Our souls have a natural desire for the unattainable, the unreachable and the seemingly impossible. This is what your Display Zone is for. The furthest area of your desk, where you have the opportunity to put the things that bring you peace, joy or inspiration. The older philosophy of minimalism on your workspace came from a lack of usable area. We disagree. With a curved standing desk, you don’t have to make those sacrifices.

There is room aplenty for you to display your muse, your toys or your plants. The Display Zone is designed to house those things that make you feel better and offer a momentary sanctuary from work. This area is where you get to be you, be expressive and celebrate what makes you feel amazing.


You can start today.

All of these strategies can work with a conventional desk, but they truly shine brightest with a curved shape that lets you stand within the space that feels more like a conductor of an orchestra than a prisoner facing a wall. We encourage you to also consider an adjustable desk that lets you change positions, every now and then. Switching from standing to sitting and back again will do wonders for your back, neck and feet. With a MeDesk, you can save your favorite positions, so switching is faster and simpler.

Of course, we think our desk is the best. But we genuinely believe that ANY curved desk is an improvement from the old, rectangular desks. Make the change, join our cause, and start working happier.

  No more rectangles!