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MeDesk 2.0 Risk Free 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

White Glove desk delivery included.



Sable Island



Sable Island

It’s All About the Curve

Curved desks treat you better than rectangular desks.  If you like to take care of yourself, this desk is for you. 

Wrap yourself with creativity and intention.  MeDesk 2.0 organically wraps you in a cockpit of efficiency, where everything revolves around you. This transforms the way you work and how you feel about your work.

The curved shape humanizes your work experience, puts more of your tools within easy reach, helps reduce unnecessary repetitive motion, decreases stress and strain, and dramatically expands your primary workspace, fostering a healthier, happier, and more effective workday.

Adjustable Height Positioning

Take a stand against “Sitting Disease.” 

 Sit.  Stand.  Sit.  Stand.   “The best position, is the next position.”

Cord Clutter Eliminated

Pre-assembled cord management system keeps workspace clean and tidy.

Hassle-Free White Glove Delivery Included

Fully assembled and tested prior to delivery. Inside delivery by appointment to your room of choice. Packaging removed.

Risk-Free 100% Money Back Guarantee

The only way to experience the transformative value of MeDesk 2.0 is to try it.  Try it Risk-Free for 60 Days.  Nothing to lose.  Everything to gain.


“So, I got myself an Omnirax MeDesk 2.0.  Now my back problems are gone, my knees don’t hurt, and I am sleeping much better. I’m frugal…but I've always said, "Never skimp on things that connect you to the ground; tires, shoes, bed ... and now Desk gets added to the list.”

~ Robert Gillette, IT Executive

“I thought all desks were the same, but they're not. This desk wraps around me and it makes my work experience so much more efficient.  I’m no longer reaching for things; I just spin a little bit and it’s right there.”

~ Michael Liebowitz, Magnetic Mind Studio

"I absolutely love my MeDesk 2.0!  Specifically, I love the fact that I don't have to reach for anything. My notebook is always to my left, my phone and mouse over to the right. Also, I use both sides of the desk. Oftentimes I want to think differently, so I will stand and use the other side of the curve to read my notes or jot down ideas.  Pre-assembled cable management, the smooth motorized feature and White Glove Delivery are excellent!”

~ David Edmonson,

“The height adjustable MeDesk has changed my life and has changed how I work. The wrap around cockpit style adds an amazing amount of usable space which is all within arm’s reach.  The height adjustable feature has been a lifesaver!”

~ Shelley Golden, Shelley Golden Style


Does MeDesk 2.0 offer free shipping?

Yes. The cost of shipping and White Glove Delivery to most locations in the continental United States is included in the price of your ergonomic desk. If you are located off the beaten path, in an Isolated Delivery Area, added shipping surcharges will apply.

How is the MeDesk 2.0 shipped?

MeDesk 2.0 ships White Glove Service only. It is pre-wired and delivered to you fully assembled.

Why White Glove Service only?

Because your time is valuable, and you deserve to be treated right. Do you really need to carry boxes, unpack boxes, assemble the desk, flip it and move it to its desired location and, finally, dispose of packaging materials?

How long does it take to set up my MeDesk 2.0?

No time!Your MeDesk 2.0 is delivered pre-assembled.  Just plug and play!

What is MeDesk 2.0's return policy?

The MeDesk 2.0 has a risk-free 60-day return policy. You have 60 days after receiving your curved standing desk to request an authorized White Glove return. No need to save packaging, disassemble or repackage the desk for pick up. Just unplug.

You will be refunded 100% of your purchase price and will not be charged for return shipping.

Standard White Glove delivery charges included in the price of the MeDesk 2.0 are fully refundable. Surcharges for Isolated White Glove deliveries and returns are not.

Additional FAQs available here.


It’s all About You

MeDesk 2.0 presents an opportunity for desk dwellers to reconnect with their own natural shape and energy. It is the “anti-rectangle desk” - creating a work surface that redefines how individuals engage with their space.  It is designed to feel natural and encourage natural movement.

“That curved desk,” may not be for everyone.  It’s for those people who are ready to rebel against the norm of rectangles and do things a little differently.

MeDesk isn't meant to be tucked into a corner, and neither are you.  It is intended for those who confidently make their workspace the centerpiece of their environment.

It’s for those people who live with intention, pamper themselves and treat themselves right.

The MeDesk 2.0 is a fully adjustable ergonomic desk that frees your body for natural movement while you work. 

Love and marriage.  Horse and carriage.  Desk and chair.

Consider our Onda Chair add-on to complement your MeDesk 2.0 and complete your extraordinary new work environment.

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